Two Client Lounges

The two client lounges in our hospital offer comfortable private spaces for you and your pet. They are furnished with cosy chairs and sofas, and natural light from the large windows adds to the pleasant feeling of these rooms. The veterinarians and staff provide you with these rooms for private consultations or a place where you … Read more

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Therapeutic Laser

Our non-invasive technology for healing the source of deep tissue pain is our “Class 4 Therapeutic Laser”. The staff wear protective eyewear, and the pets wear special “Doggles” when using the laser therapy. These glasses are rated to filter out selected wavelengths of light. Our staff are well trained to use the highest safety standards … Read more

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To prepare this big dog for X-Rays,  the staff firsts gives it intravenous sedation.                    

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The hospital now has a digital “trifocal” microscope. Trifocal means the two stereo eyepieces are aligned to see the sample on the microscope table, and the third lens is a camera capable of recording video and still images. The images can be projected on a screen the size of a tablet screen. From the camera, … Read more

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The surgical operating room is packed with high-tech monitoring equipment to keep accurate readings of many of your pet’s biological systems, such as heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and breathing rate.

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Exam Rooms

The Cranbrook Veterinary Hospital has two exam rooms to offer private areas where you meet with the veterinarian and technicians.  The medical staff does a thorough physical examination of your pet. These exam rooms are where most of the client, staff and pet interaction takes place. Exam Room two opens with two doors on to … Read more

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Pet Food

Surgery Page for Cranbrook Veterinary Hospital is a small companion animal hospital, treating cats and dogs, in southeastern British Columbia.
region of British Columbia, Canada.

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When you enter our Veterinary Hosptial, the freindly receptionists will greet you into our spacious and comfortable front office and waiting area. The front office has street level sidewalk — accessibility from 5th Ave. S. The reception office has a walk-on scale for accurate pet weights. Put your cat and its carrier up off the … Read more

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Pet Collar ID Tags

  • Your pet's collar ID tags can help bring your pet back to you.
  • We make collar tags while you wait on many materials, styles and fonts. Put your pet's name on the front and on the back put your home phone number and your cell phone number.
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Microchip Your Pet

Microchips are safe, easy to install and permanent. They are your pets lifeline home. Read More