Two Client Lounges

The two client lounges in our hospital offer comfortable private spaces for you and your pet. They are furnished with cosy chairs and sofas, and natural light from the large windows adds to the pleasant feeling of these rooms. The veterinarians and staff provide you with these rooms for private consultations or a place where you can wait while we analyse blood work, radiographs, or other diagnostics.

Client Lounge One has a desk and two couches for you and your pet to feel comfortable.
Client Lounge One has a desk and two couches for you and your pet to feel comfortable.
Client Lounge Two has a fridge with complimentary snacks, beverages and waters and two couches. You and your pet will feel comfortable in these two rooms.
Client Lounge Two has a fridge with complimentary snacks, beverages and waters and two couches. You and your pet will feel comfortable in these two rooms.

Therapeutic Laser

Koonah dog in Laser therapy glasses.

Our non-invasive technology for healing the source of deep tissue pain is our “Class 4 Therapeutic Laser”. The staff wear protective eyewear, and the pets wear special “Doggles” when using the laser therapy. These glasses are rated to filter out selected wavelengths of light.

Our staff are well trained to use the highest safety standards when operating the Laser.

Dr Jamie Levine and his trained and AIMLA certified “Laser Meisters” are Kerstin Nowak, Drew Prinn, Sabrina Adams and Dr. Levine. They  have seen great success treating a variety of conditions with the therapeutic laser. The near infrared laser beam goes right through fur and skin to heal deeply without drugs or surgery.



looking at X-Rays

To prepare this big dog for X-Rays,  the staff firsts gives it intravenous sedation.

lifting big dog
Dr Bob Clark and technician Sabrina lift this sedated big dog in preparation for X-Rays.



Sabrina calms the sedated dog on the X-Ray table.
Sabrina calms the sedated dog on the X-Ray table.


Lead aprons for X-Ray
Sabrina and Kerstin wearing lead protective aprons align the dog for the X-Rays of his hips and knees.


Drs examine dogs knee
Dr Jamie Levine and Dr Bob Clark examine the dog’s knee.


X-Ray of hips and knees
Final digital X-Ray of hips and knees.


looking at X-Rays
Dr Sylvia Hurdle and Dr Jamie Levine look at the X-Ray on the monitor.
The X-Rays may be sent to any computer in the hospital including the exam rooms and the client lounges for the Veterinarians to explain the X-Rays to clients. The images may also be formatted to send to specialists via email.






Dr. Jamie with microscope and digital screen.
Dr. Jamie with microscope and digital screen.
Dr Jamie with the microscope and its attached digital screen.

The hospital now has a digital “trifocal” microscope.

Trifocal means the two stereo eyepieces are aligned to see the sample on the microscope table, and the third lens is a camera capable of recording video and still images. The images can be projected on a screen the size of a tablet screen. From the camera, the microscope images can be sent to other computers in the hospital for inclusion in the client’s file or sent to specialists via email.

This microscope view shows cancer cells. It is tissue collected from a dog that was spread on a glass slide. Then the sample is stained blue colour by the technicians and set under the microscope lens.

Exam Rooms

Pet examination Room Two
Exam Room Two for vaccine injections, minor treatments, consultations, and the Annual Well Examinations of your pet.

The Cranbrook Veterinary Hospital has two exam rooms to offer private areas where you meet with the veterinarian and technicians.  The medical staff does a thorough physical examination of your pet.

These exam rooms are where most of the client, staff and pet interaction takes place. Exam Room two opens with two doors on to the public hallway and the other door into our treatment area for more intensive procedures.

Pet Food

Pet Food Room
Pet Food Room
Every day our veterinary hospital receives fresh stocks of pet food.

We have a large stock of high-quality pet food that is backed by research.



  • Premium Pet Food is a sound investment in your pet’s health

    • Proper nutrition can make a big difference in your pet’s mood.
    • The sooner a young pet is on quality pet food, the healthier it will be.
  • Ask our staff about food.

    • We offer pet food for all life stages and disease conditions
    • Kitten or puppies.
    • Middle aged pets – active or sedentary.
    • Senior pets.
  • By feeding a proper diet

    • Your pets are satisfied and comfortable.
    • When the pet food is better quality,  you feed them less volume for the same outcome.
    • Proper diets are better for your pet’s digestion and teeth.
  • Definite food choices for specific conditions

    • Kidney disease, liver, skin, weight loss, hypoallergenic and other conditions.
    • Active pets, puppies, kittens, sedentary pets and ageing pets all have different nutritional needs.


Sabrina is a veterinary assistant in our front office

When you enter our Veterinary Hosptial, the freindly receptionists will greet you into our spacious and comfortable front office and waiting area.

Custom oil painting in our front reception area
Custom oil painting in our front reception area showing Balsamroot flowers and Fisher Peak.

The front office has street level sidewalk — accessibility from 5th Ave. S.

  • The reception office has a walk-on scale for accurate pet weights.
  • Put your cat and its carrier up off the floor onto our cat table. It is much less stressful for your our cat if is up off the floor. From the vantage of our table your cat can see out and is away from other pets.
  • The original oil painting is by Wanda DeWaard, a Cranbrook artist.
  • Photography by Janice Strong throughout the building.

Disabled accessibility is offered from the sidewalk on 5th Ave. Our entire facility is one level and mobilty accessible from our front door, lobby, exam rooms, client lounges and all public spaces.

Reception Area
One of our clients Noelle Kawletz with her dog Onex in our reception area