Two Client Lounges

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The two client lounges in our hospital offer comfortable private spaces for you and your pet. They are furnished with cosy chairs and sofas, and natural light from the large windows adds to the pleasant feeling of these rooms. The veterinarians and staff provide you with these rooms for private consultations or a place where you […]

Koonah dog in Laser therapy glasses.

Therapeutic Laser

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Our non-invasive technology for healing the source of deep tissue pain is our “Class 4 Therapeutic Laser”. The staff wear protective eyewear, and the pets wear special “Doggles” when using the laser therapy. These glasses are rated to filter out selected wavelengths of light. Our staff are well trained to use the highest safety standards […]

One Dental Case

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Pepa is a Papillion Cross “Toy Breed” Dog. Toy breed dogs typically have a lot of dental issues. Such as abscesses, tooth root problems, gingivitis and periodontal disease.  See our dental information page. Pepa is only 5 years old and came in for a routine dental exam and cleaning. The teeth didn’t look too badly […]


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Ultrasound Dr Jamie Levine enjoys using the ultrasound machine for non-invasive diagnostic imagery. Ultrasound transmits high-frequency sound waves into tissue. The ultrasound machine interprets the sound waves and is shows up visually on the monitor. The technology allows us to examine the kidneys, bladder, stomach, liver and other organs to help determine your pet’s condition. The […]


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Microchip your Pet Before They Are Accidentally separated from You Microchips are Your Pet’s Lifeline Home. Veterinary Hospitals and SPCAs scan for the tiny microchips and find the pet’s name and the owner by an unique pet ID embedded in a tiny Microchip. At Cranbrook Veterinary Hospital, we commonly inject Microchip IDs. (They are about […]

ID tags

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Custom Engraved Pet Collar ID Tags While you wait. Select different letter styles, tag shape, colour and material. Pet ID Tags are ready in minutes, with our computer engraver. Engrave the front with the pet’s name. Engrave the back with your home number and cell phone. See also our microchip your pet page.