Pet Food

Pet Food Room
Every day our veterinary hospital receives fresh stocks of pet food.

We have a large stock of high-quality pet food that is backed by research.



  • Premium Pet Food is a sound investment in your pet’s health

    • Proper nutrition can make a big difference in your pet’s mood.
    • The sooner a young pet is on quality pet food, the healthier it will be.
  • Ask our staff about food.

    • We offer pet food for all life stages and disease conditions
    • Kitten or puppies.
    • Middle aged pets – active or sedentary.
    • Senior pets.
  • By feeding a proper diet

    • Your pets are satisfied and comfortable.
    • When the pet food is better quality,  you feed them less volume for the same outcome.
    • Proper diets are better for your pet’s digestion and teeth.
  • Definite food choices for specific conditions

    • Kidney disease, liver, skin, weight loss, hypoallergenic and other conditions.
    • Active pets, puppies, kittens, sedentary pets and ageing pets all have different nutritional needs.