Follow Lizzy during her spay

Lizzy is a young cat who came in for a spay.

    • 9 am Lizzy came into the hospital.
Lizzy cat pre-surgery
Our technicians prepare Lizzy for her surgery.
    • 9-am  Exam and preparations begin.
    • 9:45-am Sedation started. She gets very drowsy, and the staff return her back to to the kennel. The kennel is kept warm by heated blankets and warm cushions.

      drowsy kitten
      Drowsy kitten returned to her kennel while sedation deepens.
    • 10:15-am Lizzy receives further sedation. Technicians gently install a soft tube down the cats’ throat for intubation of gas anaesthetic to make sure she is fully unconscious during the surgery. The anaesthetics are very safe. The technicians also give pain medication.


    • 10:20-am Lizzy is under a general anaesthetic.
    • 10:30-am Surgery begins, with the veterinarian making an incision in her abdomen to remove only her two ovaries,  (called an ovariectomy).The procedure has less internal disruption. (Ovariectomy is different from a hysterectomy where the surgery will remove the entire uterus.) Surgery begins in our Veterinary hospital operating room.


    • 10:35 Surgery is underway.

      during the spay
      During the spay, our Veterinarian removed the ovaries.


    • 11.00-am The veterinarian inspects the surgery site and installs sutures to close the abdomen. The staff return Lizzy to her kennel. She rests on warmed blankets.
    • 11:30-am Lizzy is awake still drowsy, but comfortable.
      Lizzy is still drowsy but comfortable
      Lizzy is still drowsy but comfortable.


    • 11:00-am Lizzy is still sleepy, and she begins to eat vigorously.
    • 12:00-pm Lizzy is standing up, fully awake and is ready to go home.