All In One Day

A Day in the Life at Cranbrook Veterinary Hospital

Most of these cases happened in a single day.

Lizzy eating
Lizzy following her spay is eating by 11:30. Only 2-1/2 hours after being admitted to the veterinary hospital.
Surgery. Our practice offers surgical treatments for many kinds of conditions, both common and uncommon things that happen to your pet.
ID Tags
Pet ID Collar Tags for quick identification of your pet.
lifting big dog
Dr Bob Clark and technician Sabrina lift this sedated big dog in preparing for X-Rays.
Dental X-Ray
The right side of the central tooth in this X-Ray is uneven and is being dissolved by the dog's own tissues.
Dusty with owner
Dusty the black cat came in for a shave, as the hind quarters have badly matted fur.
Dr. Jamie with microscope and digital screen.
Dr Jamie with the microscope and its attached digital screen.