One Dental Case

Pepa is a Papillion Cross “Toy Breed” Dog.

Toy breed dogs typically have a lot of dental issues.

Such as abscesses, tooth root problems, gingivitis and periodontal disease.  See our dental information page.
Pepa is only 5 years old and came in for a routine dental exam and cleaning. The teeth didn’t look too badly damaged on an oral inspection.

For toy breeds especially, we recommend a full-mouth dental X-ray, exam, cleaning as young as one-year-old.

  • Pepa’s teeth BEFORE the dental procedure and they don’t look bad. But after the dental X-Ray, the staff informed the owner that tooth extraction was required.

    Normal looking teeth before dental
    Before dental procedure. The green circle shows the severely damaged tooth that looks normal on a visual inspection. This photo is Pepa a 5-year-old toy breed dog. The tube delivers gas anaesthetic.
  • Our Technicians put the dog under general anaesthetic for the dental procedure, and they took a full mouth X-Ray. What they found was surprising, but not unexpected given the breed and its middle-age. The benefit of a full mouth X-Ray is our Veterinarians and Technicians examine each tooth looking for gum disorders, and decayed tooth or bone. In Pepa’s case, they found reabsorption of this molar tooth.
    • Dental X-RayThe right side of the central tooth in this X-Ray is uneven and is being dissolved by the dog’s tissues.
  • BEFORE and AFTER the dental comparison.

    Before and After
    Before and after dental extraction.