Our Staff

Dr Jamie Levine
Dr Jamie Levine with the resident hospital cat “Dobby”. He enjoys surgery, diagnostics, ultrasound, and all of veterinary medicine.
Dr Sylvia Hurdle
Dr Sylvia Hurdle is our associate veterinarian. Her special interest is in veterinary dentistry and increases her skills at advanced levels.
Drew Prinn R-AHT
Drew Prinn R-AHT. She does all the technical duties well and is good at positioning for dental x-rays and helping the veterinarians with all the tasks.
Kerstin Noack Veterinary Assistant
Kerstin Noack Veterinary Assistant.
Jessica Allen is our front office receptionist
Jessica Allen is our front office receptionist.


Meghan is a front office receptionist and veterinary assistant.

Micaela is a front office receptionist. 

Dr Bob Clark
Dr Clark with his dog.
Ann Coulter with her dog Loki
Ann Coulter AHT retired technician with her dog Loki