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Meet Our People  - Compassionate, Dedicated and Innovative.

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Together they make Cranbrook Veterinary Hospital great.

Our veterinarians are well trained and compassionate about caring for your pet and improving their health. Our technicians are also well trained, careful and respected. The front office staff are friendly and will help you feel comfortable when bringing your pet in for his or her exam or surgery.

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Dr Jamie Levine

Dr Levine is the owner/operator of the hospital. He enjoys all aspects of the practice, especially, ultrasound, cytology and the challenges of diagnosing various conditions. He loves learning new skills, technologies, and is proud of his up-to-date veterinary knowledge.

Dr Sylvia Hurdle

Dr Sylvia Hurdle joined the Cranbrook Veterinary Hospital in 2015. She enjoys the variety of our general practice and is experienced in veterinary dentistry, surgery, diagnostic medicine, and patient care.

Dr Bob Clark

Dr Bob Clark was the founder of Cranbrook Veterinary Hospital in 1975. He became business partners with Dr Jamie Levine 1995. He is mostly retired, but still is a fine surgeon, and comes into the hospital to do occasional surgeries and appointments when Dr Levine and the other associates need him.

Ann Coulter AHT

Ann Coulter is our valuable Animal Health Technician that has been working at our veterinary hospital for three decades. She

Drew Prinn R-AHT

Drew Prinn is an Animal Health Technician and is an important assistant to the veterinarians. She helps with everything at the hospital, including dentisty, surgery, X-Rays, microscope work, and client consultation.

Sabrina Adams- Technician

Sabrina Adams

Sabrina is part of our technical staff. She is skilled and compassionate in all aspects of the veterinary hospital including anaesthetic monitoring, dental X-rays, testing blood in our in-house lab, client consultation. She is knowledgeable about our prescription diets and explaining procedures the veterinarians will perform on our client’s pets.

Kerstin Nowak AHT

Kerstin Nowak is a veterinary technical assistant. She helps with everything at the veterinary hospital including anaesthetic monitoring, certified in our laser therapy, microscope work, and setting intravenous access.

Courtenay Marshall

Courtenay Marshall is our receptionist and expert in client communications. She knows many of our clients by name and is compassionate to their needs, including invoicing, prescription food knowledge, medical procedure knowledge, and laser therapy.

Jo Anne Tierney

Jo-Anne has been at our veterinary hospital for decades and knows everything about the people, equipment and client requirements needed at the hospital. She is a receptionist, technical support, and knowledgeable about our prescription pet food sales. Plus she is our landscape gardener in spring, summer, and autumn.

Shandy Marlow

Shandy Marlow She is a receptionist at our hospital. For recreation, she enjoys horse riding and competes in barrel racing.


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When you enter our Veterinary Hosptial, the receptionists will greet you into our spacious and warm front office. The front office is illuminated by natural light from our level street access building. We also have comfortable tone LED lighting in the reception area. The reception office has a walk-on scale for accurate pet weights. A […]