Microchip your Pet Before They Are Accidentally separated from You

Microchips are Your Pet’s Lifeline Home.

Veterinary Hospitals and SPCAs scan for the tiny microchips and find the pet’s name and the owner by an unique pet ID embedded in a tiny Microchip.

At Cranbrook Veterinary Hospital, we commonly inject Microchip IDs. (They are about the size of a grain of rice) under your pets’ skin, usually under the scruff of the neck where the skin is loose. Most veterinary practices and SPCAs can install and read these permanent microchips.

The microchips are made of biologically inert materials and are very stable and safe. The chips don’t fade or get lost, and the chip can last much longer than your pet. The procedure is similar to a vaccine injection. Once the microchip is in place, it should function without maintenance or batteries.

When we scan a pet and scan to find the ID number, we phone the international database and obtain the owner’s contact information and pet data.

Remember: We can’t update the international database for you.

We can give you the contact number, but for the database security, the actual changes need to be made by the owners.

Update when you change address, phone numbers and cell phone number.
Also keep the microchip database company informed if you change the pet’s ownership.

Microchipping is a much more reliable pet-ID system than collar tags. Collar tags can be lost, removed or the engraving can be worn away. See the Pet ID Tags page.

However, collar tags are still of paramount importance because anyone who finds your pet can read the pet ID tags and contact you directly, (when microchip readers at veterinary practices or SPCAs are closed). See our Pet-ID Tags page.

How Do You Find My Pet with a Microchip?

There are several manufacturers of the microchips, and all scanners can read the ID on the microchips. We then contact the international database to locate the owners contact information.

Microchipping is also required for immigration into places like Australia.

ID tags

Custom Engraved Pet Collar ID Tags
While you wait.

ID Tags
Pet ID Collar Tags for quick identification of your pet.

Select different letter styles, tag shape, colour and material.
Pet ID Tags are ready in minutes, with our computer engraver.
Engrave the front with the pet’s name.
Engrave the back with your home number and cell phone.

Pet ID tags
Pet ID tags

See also our microchip your pet page.