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Dr Jamie Levine enjoys using the ultrasound machine for non-invasive diagnostic imagery.

Ultrasound transmits high-frequency sound waves into tissue. The ultrasound machine interprets the sound waves and is shows up visually on the monitor. The technology allows us to examine the kidneys, bladder, stomach, liver and other organs to help determine your pet’s condition.

The Ultrasound records blood flow through tissues and is very helpful in the diagnosis of blockages, tumours and other tissues that require blood flow.

It is a semi-portable laptop style so we can move it into surgery, exam rooms and all over the hospital.

Doctor Jamie Levine enjoys the better image quality and ease of use.

The pets are calm and wide awake, but under light sedation, and the procedure is painless. The pet rests in a padded support on the table. The assisting technician holds the pet steady, and the veterinarian uses the ultrasound probe over the abdomen or chest.