looking at X-Rays


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To prepare this big dog for X-Rays,  the staff firsts gives it intravenous sedation.

lifting big dog
Dr Bob Clark and technician Sabrina lift this sedated big dog in preparation for X-Rays.



Sabrina calms the sedated dog on the X-Ray table.
Sabrina calms the sedated dog on the X-Ray table.


Lead aprons for X-Ray
Sabrina and Kerstin wearing lead protective aprons align the dog for the X-Rays of his hips and knees.


Drs examine dogs knee
Dr Jamie Levine and Dr Bob Clark examine the dog’s knee.


X-Ray of hips and knees
Final digital X-Ray of hips and knees.


looking at X-Rays
Dr Sylvia Hurdle and Dr Jamie Levine look at the X-Ray on the monitor.
The X-Rays may be sent to any computer in the hospital including the exam rooms and the client lounges for the Veterinarians to explain the X-Rays to clients. The images may also be formatted to send to specialists via email.